About the Residency Program

Community-Based Family Medicine Residency Program

In September 2015, CommuniCare Health Centers (CommuniCare) partnered with the University of Incarnate Ward (UIW) School of Osteopathic Medicine to join one of the Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and Research (TIGMER) residency programs known as the Community-Based Family Medicine Residency Program.

The Community-Based Family Medicine Residency Program, at Communicare Health Centers, follows the Teaching Health Center model and allows for residents to train on the front line of health care under the guidance of our esteemed Board Certified faculty. This program trains future physicians to provide community-oriented, patient-centered, high-quality primary care with a focus on providing healthcare to underserved populations and improving access to medical treatment.

Participating residents gain the education and hands-on clinical experience to become equipped physicians within the community or even establish a private practice. The residents also have the opportunity of lowering their student debt ratios by participating in U.S. government programs working with federally qualified health centers, such as CommuniCare.

As one of the designated rotation sites for the TIGMER residency program, CommuniCare is becoming well known as a teaching facility dedicated to the highest level of patient care for populations with the greatest need.

Meet the Program Faculty and UIW Administration

Participating Residents:

  • Gain hands-on clinical experience
  • Lower their student debt ratio
  • Gain Potential Employment Opportunities


Meet the Program Faculty and UIW Administration