About CommuniCare


To improve the health of those we serve with a
commitment to excellence in all we do.


Be the premier primary healthcare system of choice!

Our Values

Commit to Service Excellence

We strive for excellence in all we do. We hold ourselves to a very high standard of performance. We prize innovative ideas and the teamwork it takes to make them realities. We never stop asking ourselves how we can make our patient’s experience better, and every day, we strive to find an answer.

Be Timely and Responsive to All

Timely access to care and responses to patient inquiries are essential in the delivery of our patient-centered care. We make every effort to ensure that our patients have access to see and/or receive a response from his/her provider or designated member of our team within 24 hours.

Hassle-Free & Focused

We pledge to make your healthcare experience simple, straightforward and hassle-free. This commitment forces us to be innovative in our healthcare delivery model and continuously re-evaluate our existing processes to better assist you to navigate our services efficiently and with ease.

Be the Best Place to Work

We recognized that our staff is the most precious resource within the organization. We commit to making our staff our priority; a happy employee is a productive and caring employee. Our pledge to ensure a happy and healthy work environment is vital to attracting and maintaining talented, caring and innovative staff. Every staff member has something to contribute to the team; this belief is the key to our success.

Treat Our Patients Like Family

We are committed to ensuring your trust in our care. This drives us to go the extra mile to maintain a quality, compassionate, honest, respectful and responsive relationship with you. We want to know you and your health needs like we would our own family members. By providing a consistently satisfying patient experience, we aim to become your provider of choice. We hope to exceed your expectations and be entrusted with the privilege of caring for your family.

Serving Families Since 1972


In 1970, the city of San Antonio reported 257 cases of Diphtheria, including four deaths, from what should have been an easily curable infection of the nose and throat. The need for clinics that treated every person regardless of their financial situation was necessary but, at the time, not available.

That all changed in 1972.

CommuniCare’s history started with Sister Dolores’ unconditional love to provide care for those in need. Sister Dolores Girault, D.C., a retired nurse and pharmacist, realized there was an increasing need for healthcare especially for those of the West side of San Antonio. So, she solicited support and acquired funding to operate a two-exam room pediatric clinic in the back of a local church to care for children in need.

Today, CommuniCare is a full service primary and specialty healthcare system that, to this day, represents the genuine and unconditional care and love that Sister Dolores’ showcased. CommuniCare is determined to provide families the care they need and to make them feel at home as much as possible in order to Get Well and Stay Well.